Rajasthan CHO Question Paper 2020 PDF

Rajasthan CHO Question Paper 2020 PDF :- The Rajasthan Community Health Officer (CHO) exam is a highly competitive for candidate who wants to work in the field of healthcare sector in Rajasthan state. The examiner wants to know the skills and knowledge of candidates in the field of health and services community. Before starting preparation for exam, you must go through the Rajasthan CHO syllabus, Rajasthan CHO Exam pattern And Rajasthan CHO question paper to analysis the exam paper and get high score in the CHO Rajasthan Exam 2023. So, In this blog we uploaded the syllabus, exam pattern and Rajasthan CHO Previous Year question paper PDF.

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Rajasthan CHO syllabus 2022


A. General awareness

B. Basics of Human Body

C. Basics Concepts of Public Health

  • Concepts of Community Health.
  • Health Care Planning and Organization of Health Care at various levels.
  • Environmental Health and Sanitation.
  • Introduction to Epidemiology, Epidemiological Approaches and Processes.
  • Demography, Surveillance and Interpretation of Data.
  • Biomedical Waste Management and Infection Control.

D. Child Health

  • Essential Care of Newborn at Birth.
  • Management of Common Neonatal and Child Health Problems.
  • Integrated Management of Neonatal and Childhood Illness.
  • Introduction to Rashtriya Bal Swasthya Karyakaram (RBSK).
  • Universal Immunisation Programme (UIP).

E. Family Planning and Adolescent Health

  • Gynecological Conditions
  • Family Planning Methods, spacing Techniques and Counseling.
  • Medical Abortions and MTP Act.
  • Counseling in Reproductive and Sexual Health, including problems of Adolescents.
  • Management of Teenage Pregnancy.

F. Maternal Health

  • Introduction to RANCH+A Program.
  • Ante Natal Care.
  • Intranasal Care.
  • Early Identification, Management and Referral of Complications.
  • Post Partum Care.

G. Communicable Diseases

  • Epidemiology of Specific Communicable Diseases.
  • Communicable Diseases- 1 Vector Borne Diseases.
  • Communicable Diseases- 2 Infectious Diseases.
  • Communicable Diseases- 3 Zoonotic Diseases.

H. Non- Communicable Diseases

  • Epidemiology of Non-communicable Diseases.
  • Non-communicable Diseases- 1.
  • Non-communicable Diseases- 2.
  • Occupational Diseases.
  • Mental Health and Substance Abuse Disorders.
  • Elderly Care.

I. Nutrition

  • Introduction to Nutrition and Nutritional Assessment.
  • Nutrition during Pregnancy and Lactation.
  • Nutrition for Infants, Child, Adolescent and Elderly.
  • Nutritional Deficiency Disorders.
  • Foodborne Diseases, Food Safety.

J. Skills Based

  • Public Health Skills.
  • General Skills and Laboratory Skills.
  • Skills for Management of Common Conditions and Emergencies.
  • Maternal Health Skills.
  • Reproductive and Adolescent Health Skills.
  • Newborn and Child Health Skills.

K. General Medicine and Medical emergencies

  • Common Conditions- Gastro Intestinal System.
  • Common Conditions- Respiratory System.
  • Common Conditions- Heart, Urinary System and Blood Disorders.
  • Common Conditions- Ear, Eye, Nose and Throat.
  • First Aid in Common Emergency Conditions.
  • Disaster Management.

L. General Pharmacology

  • Essential Drugs.
  • General Surgery, Trauma and Burns, ENT & Ophthalmology.
  • Common Surgical Conditions-1.
  • Common Surgical Conditions-2.
  • Congenital Malformations.
  • Screening of Common Cancers.

N. Miscellaneous Questions

  • Behavior Change Communication Skills and other Soft Skills
  • Work Management and Monitoring
  • Health Management, Account and Computing
  • Records and Reports

Rajasthan CHO Exam Pattern

For Rajasthan Community Health Officer Recruitment Program 2022, exam will be conducted in offline mode, written exam will be given first, written exam will be conducted in offline mode, 1 hour 30 will be given minutes for the written exam, in this all the questions will be multiple choice. The number of animals will be 100. All questions will have the same score. Each question will be held for four points. Along with this, negative points will also be deducted for each wrong answer, which will be 1/4.

The Rajasthan CHO Exam Will conducted n the offline mode in one stage with General Awareness and CHO Syllabus Subject. The time duration of exam will be 1 hour 30 minute.

  • The exam will be taken offline.
  • The duration of the exam will be 1 hour 30 minutes (90 minutes).
  • The question will be of the multiple choice type.
  • The number of questions in the section will be 100.
  • Each question will have 4 Marks.
  • 01 negative point (1/4) will be deducted per question for an incorrect answer.

Rajasthan CHO Question Paper 2020 PDF

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FAQ :- Rajasthan CHO Question Paper

Rajasthan CHO Salary.

The Starting Salary of CHO in Rajasthan is Rs 25,000.

Rajasthan CHO Eligibility.

Education qualification for Raj CHO is Bachelor of Science in Community Health or General Nursing and Midwifery or B.Sc.

Rajasthan CHO exam date 2023.

Rajasthan CHO exam date for 2023 is 19 February 2023.

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